whis|tle1 [ `wısl, `hwısl ] noun count *
1. ) a small metal or plastic object that you put in your mouth and blow to make a high sound:
blow a whistle: The referee blew the whistle for half-time.
a ) a piece of equipment that produces a high sound, used as a warning or signal on a train or boat, or in a place such as a factory:
a whistle blows: The whistle blew as the train prepared to leave.
b ) a musical instrument consisting of a small metal tube that you blow
2. ) the sound someone makes when they force air through their lips:
Loud cheers and whistles greeted the team.
give/let out a whistle: Darren gave a low whistle.
a ) a sound made as a signal or warning, especially on a boat or train, or in a place such as a factory:
the ship's shrill whistle
b ) the sound that you make by blowing through a whistle:
Play stopped when we heard the whistle.
c ) the high sound that some birds make:
the skylark's piercing whistle
as clean as a whistle INFORMAL
1. ) completely honest or legal
2. ) extremely clean
blow the whistle (on someone) INFORMAL
to tell someone in authority that someone is doing something dishonest or illegal
wet your whistle INFORMAL
to have a drink, especially of alcohol
whis|tle 2 [ `wısl, `hwısl ] verb *
1. ) intransitive or transitive to make a tune or musical notes by forcing air through your mouth:
Sue whistled softly to herself.
I wish you'd stop whistling that tune!
a ) intransitive or transitive to make a high sound by forcing air through your mouth in order to get someone's attention, or to show that you like or dislike something:
The spectators jeered and whistled.
whistle to: She whistled softly to her friends.
b ) intransitive if a machine, train, or boat whistles, a piece of equipment on it makes a loud high sound
c ) intransitive whistle around/through etc. if the wind whistles around or through a place, it makes a high sound because it is blowing strongly
d ) intransitive to blow a whistle as a warning or to get someone's attention:
The referee whistled for a time-out.
2. ) intransitive to move or travel very quickly:
Her shot went whistling past the net.
someone can whistle for something INFORMAL
used for saying that you are not going to give someone what they have asked for
whistling in the dark INFORMAL
pretending to feel confident about a situation when in fact you feel nervous or worried
whistling in the wind INFORMAL
trying without success to solve a problem or deal with something
`whistle at phrasal verb transitive
whistle at someone to whistle to show that you think someone is sexually attractive

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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